generate entities from database

Using the TAureliusConnection:
I´d like to have the possibility to have the many-valued-associations created, too. 

Now I have to switch to the DataModeller or add them by hand.

Thank you!

Currently you have to use TMS Data Modeler for that. TAureliusConnection generate entities feature is a handy, simplified version of what's available in Data Modeler.

I see, thanks.

i want to create a default model for my db at runtime . I read documents , checked demos but still i did not find way . .I will try use NexusDB -> UniDAc -> Aurelius ->xdataserver <-tms web core . I .

What have you tried? Any error message? Do you have a specific question that the documentation didn't cover?

is there a demo how can we create a default model for a db at runtime by code and use it with xdata ?
(without datamodeller)

Generate entities from database structure can only be accomplished at design-time. It would not even make sense, since "generate entities" means a Pascal unit file will be created with the source code of the entities - which then need to be compiled into the application.

We working on allowing importing the database structure at runtime and having the meta information and thus XData CRUD endpoints at runtime, but it's not finished yet. And it will not generate classes of course, since it will be at runtime.

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