Automatic CRUD operations

Is there a way to generate server mthods to do CRUD operations on certain table (entity) ? and how to connect them with dbnavigator and dbgrid ?

You can use XData here. It will automatically create CRUD operations (on a REST server) for your Aurelius entities.

On the client side, query data from your XDataServer using a TXDataClient and attach the result to an TAureliusDataSet. Than use the DataSet as any other DataSet.


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you mean TXDataWebClient ? any demo about this ?

I created the XData server CRUD endpoints but I just wonder instead of writing server methods one by one to generate them ?

You can do both. There are demos in folder \xdata\demos\web that shows integration with TMS Web Core.

I dont have web core subscription. I need to know how to generate server methods for windows client.

If you're building a TMS WebCore app, than yes. If it is a plain VCL/FMX app than NO. Just TXDataClient class.

XData will automatically create CRUD endpoints to all your Entities (in XData model)


Any resources or video to read about this ?

Any entity objects you get with TXDataClient can be put in a TAureliusDataset which in turn can be bound to data-aware controls.

Sorry want to understand more please.

I found this demo "XDataFiredacSQL" that has server and client. I see in this demo a service created for customer to have server methods to do CRUD

procedure CreateCustomer(Customer: TCustomer);
function GetCustomers: TList<TCustomer>;
function GetCustomer(Id: Integer): TCustomer;
procedure UpdateCustomer(Id: Integer; Customer: TCustomer);
procedure DeleteCustomer(Id: Integer);

So I have to write those methods myself , they can not be generated automatically ?

sorry again

You can create your own CRUD operations with XData --or-- you can use the ones created automatically.

Have a look at simple_sqlite in XData\Demos folder.

A simple demo with automatically created CRUD for entities declared in Common\AureliusEntities.pas



Why would you want XData to generate those automatically for you, if it can create the automatic CRUD endpoints with are even more straightforward?

I am trying to understand different ways to work with XData. Can you please refer me to documentation to read more about it.

The Automatic CRUD endpoints are described here: TMS Aurelius CRUD Endpoints | TMS XData documentation.

There is this video showing the CRUD endpoints: From Database to Web App through REST server with TMS XData and TMS Web Core - YouTube

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I see only server code I dont see the client how it connect or perform.

I watched the video but I dont have webdatasource component so I used TDataSource and connected to XDataWebDataSet1. XDataWebConnection1 is also connected but no data displayed in dbgrid.

Have a look at JwtAuthDemo in XData\Demos folder. There's a server and client showing exactly what you want.

Also, have a look at firedac-sql in XData\Demos



Many thanks now I understand that I can use entities or create and call server methods.

This video also is great


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