XData/Aurelius assign an Entity to a specific database connection

I'm lost here.

I have two different database connections one FireDac and the other NexusDB.

How do I assign each Entity to a specific database connection?

Is it Multi-Model? If so, then why in the documentation are you assigning multiple Models to the same Entity?

It is so confusing what you are trying to do there. Also, your examples never tell the user where and how to hook up the sample code. No references to Events, or where the code belongs. You say just create a new car turbo thruster, but never tell where in the car engine it belongs.


There is a full dedicated chapter in documentation about multi-model design:


Maybe the concept you are not grasping here is the fact that the model is not assigned to a connection. Many objects used by Aurelius - the most important being TObjectManager receives, in the constructors, both a connection and a mapping explorer - which is the model you want to use.

Thus, you should create an object manager "A" with model "Foo" and connection "NexusdB", and then create an object manager "B" with mode "Bar" and connection "FireDAC".


Thanks, Wagner, but not helpful at all.

I have already been there. A bunch of little code snippets mixed with no big picture. I have not spent the last 3+ years working the Xdata and Aurelius. At this point, I'm just frustrated and wasting time. Is there a complete example somewhere for this? So I know how to connect, create, free, and deal with connection pools if they are even needed.

An example of what exactly? You mentioned models. Now you are mentioning connection pools. There are several demos in both Aurelius and XData distributions. One of them is named, actually "MultiModel". Regarding connection pools, almost all demos, examples and documentations use those, so connection pools are used everywhere.

So I'm not sure exactly what you are asking for, besides some general claims about you not understanding a couple of concepts.

I'm done here.

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