Forum timeout too short

To support and those doing the forum support:

Every time I create an entry, like the one I'm writing now, I end up getting an error when posting it, telling me I have taken too long write my entry and that I need to reload the browser. Thereby loosing all my written text, and I can start over again. The error is not showing when I use Preview Post.

I have of course learned to take a copy of the text I'm writing BEFORE pushing Post New Topic, but I would like to suggest you increase the timeout period to 4-5 minutes instead of the relatively short period it is set to now.

Best regards
It is really annoying.

"The is a problem with your form. Please correct it."
"Your session has expired.Please refresh your browser and try again"....

Could you please increase the session timeout period on the forum when creating, or responding to, a topic. It does not appear to be a setting I can change myself.

We will ask the admin.

Thanks Bruno. Apparently Admin has listened to you. The timeout is much longer now :-)