Annoying forum session time-out

I was composing a new bug report topic and couldn't post my message because I got an alert when I tried to post that my session had timed out and I had to reload, so I did.

I lost my post at reload but fortunately I had copy and pasted it to my clipboard.

It seems like the session timeouts are WAY too low... should be at least 30 minutes, no? It felt like it was set to 5 or 10 minutes, and some posts cannot be constructed in that amount of time.

So my feature request is to increase the session timeout time.

Not sure what the current setting is. We'll review it and if found too short, we'll set it longer.

Hi Bruno,

this's happening (in case) more than a year ...

Also, sometimes not always, when open the forum index i have several stars (new messages) but if i read only one in a forum (any one) when i return to index i loose all stars.

Could be Internet Explorer problem?



Are you really still using Internet Explorer?

Hi albert,

only for TMS forums.

The other one is Chrome, but with the forums has some problem during visualization (on my system).

I'm not aware of issues with Chrome. What exact problem do you have with Chrome and how can we reproduce?

As you might have seen, I have also complained about the session timeout in another thread.
I had to write posts several times (but I'm smart enough to learn, that I have to copy the before posting).

I'm using Firefox.

Hi Bruno,

it's a timeout "problem".

When aswering the time need is, for example, 4 minutes.

When try to send the message (click on post reply) appear a message that inform us about a timeout expired time, in this case the message can't be send,

To avoid to rewrite a message (as now) i copy to clipboard the message, reload the page, paste the message and send it within a minute ... so the timeout can't be reached.

Have a good Easter to you, all TMS staff and all forum users



I thought we set the timeout already long but we will reinvestigate to see if there aren't circumstances where the timeout is ignored.

Hello Bruno,

Honestly, these timeouts makes no sense from a user point of view: it can take a loooong time to write a technical post and unless you make these timeouts last several days, nothing will make much sense.

The forum is software we purchased, we did not write this ourselves.
We will raise this question with the company providing this software.