Logging in and Remembering Code


I have been using your products for many years and particularly been enjoying the FMX components and this support forum for the past 7 months. There have been a few minor annoyances when using the forums, and I was wondering if you could think about addressing them.

- For the record, I am using Firefox, the second most popular browser, on a Windows 10 machine.

- Because you use email and registration code to login for support, the forums do no offer an option to remember the password. I am guessing because the field name is not recognized as a password. And because I cannot change the registration code, I cannot change it to something I can more easily remember.

- Then the cookie expires if I haven't been here in a few weeks, and I have to figure out my information, which for me, means searching my email for my registration code or possibly remembering my reg code starts with a 7, at which time Firefox will show me the rest of the code as a hint. That hasn't repeatedly worked well for me.

Can we either change the cookie to never logout or make this more friendly for Firefox browsers?
Thanks for a great product.

- Scott


Thank you for your suggestions.
We'll investigate if this behavior can be improved in the future.