format label

i need to set labels of a datetime serie in xAxis in format hh:nn . how ??
tks !!

With the Series[Index].XAxis.MajorUnitTimeFormat property

this is the result with Series[Index].XAxis.MajorUnitTimeFormat set to hh:nn

i use TDBAdvChartView and the xAxis is a timestamp field


Did you set FieldNameXAxis? If so, it will automatically generate a label based on what is shown in your database. It will show the text representation of the value. If not, then MajorUnitTimeformat & MinorUnitTimeFormat is applied as long as the UnitType is set to something that relates to datetime. Please provide a small sample or code snippet so we can further investigate

as indicated i need to set label in format hh:nn.
it was correctly displayed in delphi form editor but is different when my application start ad display hh:nn:ss. Only the component dropped in the form and linked to database table.

Please provide a small sample because we are not able to reproduce this issue here.