Format cell with User Defined Function


is it possible to apply a format on a cell with the help of a User Defined Function?
I would like to have a function that gets a parameter that specifies the background color. The background of a cell with this function should then be colored with this color. The color changes dynamically so I cannot use the "format cell" function with a format on the config sheet.

Kind regards,

Christian Sack 

Sorry, this is not currently possible, but I guess it wouldn't be difficult to implement.

I can't look at it right now, but I will in some days as soon as the workload slows down a little


is there any progress concerning this topic? This is still a problem we try to solve with some workarounds (we edit the config sheet with a background process to update the colors) but we would like to solve it just with FlexCel.

We looked at it, but it wasn't as trivial as I thought. Sadly I hadn't time to re-review it yet, but I have put it higher in the priority list so I think I can try again to see how it could be implemented next week.