Background color

Is there a way to dynamically set background colors of rows? I need to do it in a template that I have. No .NET coding is desirable. Little bit of programming in the template is okay.. Color info is coming from database along with other data. My template loads the data. Now I have to set the background color of some rows from the available color data. Is there a way to do this?


This is a feature that is being owrked on for the next FlexCel version, even if it will require some basic .NET coding.

the idea would be to have "User defined format functions" (udff) in reports, the same way you can have User defined functions (udf) today. But the udff would output a format instead of a value as it is the case with udfs.

You would need to create a udff which takes a color value or something and outputs a format which changes the color, but that would be all the .net coding needed: the rest can be done in the template.

The reason I see the need of a udff instead of directly supporting this functionality is because there are many formatting characteristics you might want to change this way, not only color (there is also font colors, font sizes, border colors, alignment, etc). And the format you have those colors stored in a database might vary from you to other customers. So in a udff you can define it in the way you want it.

Just to inform anyone else getting to this post, "User defined formats" were added in 6.16.