Changing cell background colors

Hi there, I'm wondering how we change the background of a cell to any color other than white.  Can you please tell me how to do this?

Also, is there any word on a new update to VCL to match .NET capabilities?

Thanks so much for your help!


You can try with the following code:
  fmt: TFlxFormat;
  XF: integer;
//Create a new file. We could also open an existing file with Xls.Open

Xls.GetDefaultFormat(fmt);  //Always initilize the record with an existing format.
         fmt.FillPattern.Pattern :=TFlxPatternStyle_Solid;
         fmt.FillPattern.FgColorIndex := Xls.NearestColorIndex(clBlue);

XF := Xls.AddFormat(fmt);

Xls.CellFormat[2,1] := XF;
Xls.CellFormat[3,1] := XF;

If you prefer a fully working application, you can take a look at the "getting started" demo, this code was extracted from there.

About FlexCel 5 for VCL, we should be doing a preview this week, I will blog with more information once it is released.