How can I make the materialglyph large. I have tried setting the Element Class Name to btn btn-lg text-white but it makes no difference.



We will need to expose a CSS classname property for the material glyph for that.
At this moment, you would need to do this by setting the font-size style attribute of the first child element of the TWebBitBtn in code, i.e. via TJSHTMLElement(WebBitBtn.ElementHandle.firstChild).style.setProperty('font-size','48px');

Thanks Bruno.

Don't seem to be able to change the normal font size of a TWebBitBtn (well I can but it has no effect).

Did you try


This did change the glyph size but I'm talking about the caption.

Default, the caption font size is controlled by the Font property

For some reason or other this isn't working for me. I will have to experiment more.

This happens when I set ElementClassName to btn text-white. I do this because the form color is coonfigurable and I did not want to have to set the color of every button when it changes.

I assume this CSS takes priority for defining the font size.