FNCToolBarItemPicker - High DPI


The DropDownControl of the FNCToolBarItemPicker does not seem to be High-DPI aware. At least I cannot see a way to change or scale the Items in the drop down list to an appropiate size. Any hint?

Win11, Lazarus 2.2.0, FPC 3.2.2



We did not implement high DPI support in Lazarus. Only VCL has high DPI support for now. We still need to handle a lot of shortcomings in Lazarus to add support.

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Ok, that's odd. As Zeljko rightfully mentions you announced that version shall support High-DPI where you did not exclude LCL. Maybe I overlooked this restriction in one of your readme / DOC files?

Support is limited to Delphi
This is mentioned in the following blog post:

This is implemented in design-time for Delphi 11 and in run-time from 10.3 onwards.

OK, this blog post I did not notice. However, wouldn't it be better and a bit more customer friendly to mention this restriction (or shortcoming) more prominently? When reading the release notes I would never question that this feature is (currently) not available on all platforms.


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(here they noted it)

Agreed and modified