FNCRibbon & TTMSFNCRibbonMode.rmToolBarOnly


I try show FNCRibbon when app start with mode TTMSFNCRibbonMode.rmToolBarOnly
Even when I set mode in designer or in OnCreateForm event, when app is showing, FNCRibbon is as in rmToolBarAndPageControl mode.

In design, FNCRibbon, is showing ok.
If I change mode after the app is started, with an command is ok.
Only first apperance is an issues.

This is happend even in TMS FNC Ribbon Demo if I try to change mode in desing or in FormCreate event with

I use TMS FNC UI Pack v3.3.2.0 with FMX and Delphi 10.4.2

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Does the issue appear when you set the mode in the constructor of the form? If not, then please use this workaround. We'll investigate if there is something that can be done about the designtime issue.

Yes. This is happen only in constructor and design. If I made this changes in a method which is triggered later by a post message, all is ok.