FNCPageControlPage quirk

The FNC Page Control has a property Pages that you must double-click to see some page properties that are not accessible any other way.

There are two properties there: .Visible and .TabVisible

In the VCL, you can set TabVisible := False and still show the page by setting ActivePageIndex to it.

In this case, the two properties seem to be tied together: if you check one, the other one is checked, and vice versa.

I want to be able to have a "Filter" button that shows a page when it's clicked but its tab is never visible.

However, with TabVisible set to False, that page won't show when you set ActivePageIndex to that Page#.

Is this "as-designed" or an oversight?

You're correct about this remark.
It should indeed be possible to have just the tab not visible but the page indeed programmatically visible.
We'll look to improve this.

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