FNC Page Control tabsheet name needs a property

The FNC Page Control displays the name of the tab in the middle of the tabsheet. But it's not a "TTabsheet" like VCL controls, so there are properties missing.

Specifically, it should have a property published so it can be changed or made blank (ie, [prop] := '').

Otherwise, the only way to hide it is to put a Panel on the tabsheet, which doesn't seem like it should always be necessary.

The page itself is added as a sub-component, you can select the page/component and change the Name property there.

There is a Name property, and it IS easy to change. That's not what I'm referring to.

If you drop one of these on a form, I think there are two or three tabsheets already there; if not, add one.

You'll notice the assigned tab caption is displaed right in the middle of the tabsheet, the same thing you see when you drop a Panel on a form. The thing is, the Panel has a "Caption" property, and if you clear it, then it's not displayed anywhere.

These tabsheets do NOT have any property that I can find, and there's no way to hide this "caption" from showing itself in the middle of the tabsheet. Anyway, the "Caption" property on a normal TTabsheet affects what shows up on the TAB itself, not in the middle of the tabsheet.

We added this as a designtime helper to reflect the active tab. The difference between a TPanel & TTMSFNCPageControl page is that at runtime the text disappears. We'll see if we can add a property to control this at designtime.