FNCListEditor OnItemDelete event

In TTMSFNCListEditor, events OnItemInsert and OnItemUpdate act like "AfterInsert/AfterUpdate" events, while OnDeleteItem acts as a BeforeDelete event.

We already have a BeforeDelete-like event, OnItemCanDelete.

Shouldn't OnItemDelete act as an AfterDelete? I believe it was the expected behavoiur.

With the current behaviour, I have to setup a flag to store it's Index, and ignore the current in-deleting-process item when some actions must take place after deletion.


You are right, makes more sense that it's called after deleting the item. We'll change the behavior. Please note though that the item index parameter will be the old index, whilst the items collection will already be updated so the item will effectively be removed.

Yes, thanks! That was the problem: That the item is still alive when you want to take actions after delete.

Just wondering if someone could need, instead of just the removed index, a copy of the removed item object for further treatment. In my case, I don't.