FNCTableView crashes when last item is removed

How to reproduce it:

  1. Place default FNCTableView on the form, change its name to View1
  2. This is the list of selected products for example. If you want to delete them, you click on the product. So add OnItemClick event:
    procedure View1ViewItemClick(Sender: TObject; AItem: TTMSFNCTableViewItem);
    if AItem.Index >= 0 then

Click on the first item on the list, until all of them disappear. After last item is deleted, the program crashes in the procedure

function TTMSFNCCustomTreeView.XYToNodeTitleAnchor(
ANode: TTMSFNCTreeViewVirtualNode; X, Y: Single): TTMSFNCTreeViewNodeAnchor;

called from

procedure TTMSFNCCustomTreeView.HandleMouseUp(Button: TTMSFNCMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState;
X, Y: Single);

But maybe the items should be deleted in a different way?

I used the same component on Delphi 12.1 and latest FNC UI Pack

I don't have your issue

But I see you don't call "BeginUpdate and EndUpdate" procedure when you delete the item.

Also my routines exit first when my user select the item for deletion and 100 miliseconds later destroy it with Items.Delete(AItem.Index)

Thank you for reply, Romero!
I use Begin/End Update, but I wanted to show an easy way to reproduce the error.
It appears only when you remove items clicking on the first item on the list.
And finally I did exactly the same: when user clicks on the item, I only store the index and activate timer. After some miliseconds it executes a procedure, which deletes it.