AdvListEditor OnValueEditDone - needed a OnValueInserted


When you insert a new value, OnValueEditDone event acts like a "BeforeInsertValue" event.

Do you recommend using another event &/or properties to detect a new Value inserted? Couldn't you add a OnValueInserted event?


I'm not sure why/how you need this (subtle) difference?
When value editing ends, OnValueEditDone is triggered. It returns the value and you could transform the value before it gets inserted. So, I'm not sure what you would need beyond that?

I have some other actions to perform when the editor content changes, and the “natural” approach is to loop through the AdvListEditor.Values list.

I must call this routine AFTER a value is inserted, edited, moved, pasted. But the only events that are fired AFTER the Values list is updated are the OnValueMoved & OnValueDeleted.

For this to work well, there would be needed at least one event fired AFTER any change to the Values list
was made, be it Insert,Delete, Move or change value.

There’s no AFTER event for insertions and editions, similar to OnMoved & OnDeleted.

I had a similar problem (lack of "OnAfter" events) with OnItemDelete in the FNC version of ListEditor. FNCListEditor OnItemDelete event

We did a small adaption so the item's DisplayText is set before OnValueEditDone is triggered.