FNCGrid scrolling with variable height rows

I am using the grid for showing log events. The data varies from one row to the next, with some rows being one line deep and others 2 or 3. There are only 2 columns, one with a date and time, and one with the formatted log data.
I find the scrolling with the mouse does not always position the display correctly, and I need to use the keyboard to align the scroll position with the actual data.
Another oddity is that sometimes the header line shows a superimposed line of data when scrolling. This only shows when I use a dark style. As the text color is not correctly set when AdaptToStyle is set on, this maybe a side effect of how I am changing the text color to make it display as I think it should. (The text stays black when it should be changing to white, or at least a color close to white. There are a couple of other components I have found that display the same issue).
The issue with scrolling occurs whether the data is in the cells or not.
I need to find a resolution for these issues, particularly the superimposed text, as it is an obvious issue to users. Offering only a light style is not an option.
Hopefully you will have time to look at this soon.


Can you provide some screenshots and code snippets to reproduce the issues?
Which style are you loading exactly? The default style?

I think the best thing is for me to create a sample project and email it to support.

I have also found that if a row is higher than the grid itself, the scrolling doesn't work at all. I know I am pushing the grid in a way that most people wouldn't.


Email with a sample project has been sent.

Thank you for the sample. We'll followup via email