[FNCGrid,GridDBAdapter] reordering columns failed

Using Grid with DB-Adapter and try to rearrange columns while stretching is active:

If I reopen dataset grid increases columncount (double?) with empty columns.

Reordering grid columns with ide editor is impossible (button or drag&drop).

What should I do to get it work?


Sorry, reordering of columns with an active DB connection is not possible.

We'll add this to our feature request list.

Can you please provide an answer how to re-arrange grid's columns instead?

You need to re-order the columns at dataset level, then re-open the dataset. As already mentioned, you cannot reorder the columns when using a database adapter.

I'm afraid your suggested procedure doesn't work. What works, however, is sorting the columns in the db adapter.
If you then reassign the datasource in the adapter, the change is reflected in the grid. Thank you.