FNCGRID: export to HTML - 3 questions


1st question: is there a possibility to extract the grid to HTML and to have the path for images coded as relative to the HTML file?

I need to move the HTML to a server and that means manually correcting the locations

2nd question: is it possible to reduce the gridlines for export to HTML to only separate the lines, not the columns?

3rd question: can the gridlines be modified for export to be thinner?

Many thanks and kind regards

The images are exported in the same folder as where the HTML file is generated

For questions 2 & 3,  i'd recommend to use CSS to style your table. You can set the CSS class for the table via Options.HTMLExport.TableStyle 

The images are placed in an images folder. Howerver that one is hard coded in the HTML and looks like this:

<TD class="c0"><img src= "file://d:/temp/Cat2HTML/images/img1.png">&nbsp;</td>

What I want to avoid is manually edit the HTML document to change it to

<TD class="c0"><img src= "images/img1.png">&nbsp;</td>

Maybe an option (AbsolutePath) in HTML options would be a possibility

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider making this a configurable setting.