TAdvStringGrid - HTML-Export

the following additionals for the html export would be very nice:
- user defined filename
- user defined width
- user defined value for usemap (for example "example")
- inserting predefined map section, for example as stringlist:
<map name="example">
  <area shape="rect" coords="11,10,59,29" title = "area 1" href="">
  <area shape="rect" coords="110,100,59,29" title = "area 2" href="">



via which interface exactly do you expect this to be configurable?

Hello Mr. Fierens,

thanks for your reply.

Meanwhile i found a solutions myself with the options "Headerfile" or "Footerfile" for the map-section and i adding/editing the missing/invalid informations for the img-tag after the file generation.

Prospective it would be nice when the user can define the wished filename for the image and the path for the image, relative to the html-file. It could be a property in the HTMLSettings.

Best regards