I have selected the DigitalTimePicker.

If Editable = False, a popup is displayed showing time intervals for selection and I can select a time.
If Editable = True, there is an area for the operator to enter the time. If I click on the drop down arrow at the right to display the popup, it flashes momentarily and disappears before anything can be selected.

Is it possible to select a time from the popup and then modify it manually ?

UI Pack V3.2.3.1


And is it possible to change the year only in a date using the popup ?


We applied an improvement for the dropdown issue and it was part of the release yesterday.

Do you want to change the year only when navigating in the popup? You can set that programmatically:

procedure TForm2.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  TMSFNCDateTimePicker1.DatePicker.Interaction.NavigationMode := nmYear;


Thank you for your response. I will download the latest tomorrow our time (it is just after 7.30pm here now).

In regard to the year, I want to be able to change day, month or year from the popup. At the moment to change the year, you need to move through each month. I would like to be able to quickly, for example, set a date of 6 June 2026. I can set 6 June for the current year easily, but moving ahead 5 years is not easy.



If I understand correctly you want to have year navigation in addition to month navigation?
You could experiment with setting the NavigatorMode to nmCustom and implement the OnCustomNavigation event of TTMSFNCDateTimePicker.DatePicker. That way you can have your own navigation logic. For example set a flag if Ctrl is pressed and if that flag is true, then navigate a whole year instead of a month.


Thank you for the changes. Setting Editable := True now enables the popup to be used as expected.

I would like a way to navigate by month or by year directly from the popup without needing to use a workaround like holding down the Ctrl key. Perhaps clicking on the year of the header to display a component for selecting a year.
The standard date picker in Delphi shows a list of years. However this is limited to range of + or - 5 years, which is insufficient.
Imagine that the component is being used to enter a birth date. This cannot be done easily with the popup. I know it can be done by entering it directly with the keyboard with Editable set true, but not all end users want to type dates in when they are using the mouse for the other components on a form.

I did find what I think might be a bug in the date picker. It appears that the SelectedDateChange event is firing before the form creation has completed. This did not occur in the previous version. As my date selected processing involves other components on the form, I am getting an AV creating the form as the other components have not yet been created. For the time being I have added code to check that the component has been created. I should not need this.


Hi Sue,

Unfortunately something like this is currently not supported.

I'm not sure I fully understand this part. TTMSFNCDateTimePicker does not have a SelectedDateChange event and TTMSFNCDatePicker has an OnDateChange event but none of them were triggered here in a test application before the Form's OnCreate event. Can you send a small sample that reproduces this issue?


Thank you for the sample project, we were able to track the issue and we applied a fix for it. It will be part of the next release. You can contact us if you need an incremental source update.

You can. We will add this to our list.

This is brilliant.

At the moment I will wait for the next release. I have implemented a work around. The project has not been released yet.

Thank you again for your excellent support.


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