FNC Digital TimePicker

I need to allow a user to put in any time, effectively the interval is 1 minute, with a format of hh:nn.

Is there any way to have the picker show say, 30 minute intervals, but allow a time between these intervals to be entered directly ?

As the majority of the time I expect the 30 minute intervals to provide a quick way of entering times, it seems a shame not to be able to use these as a short cut.

Rio, Digital Time Picker V



Also is there a way to have the entered time selected without displaying the picker ?


Have you tried setting the Editable property to True? With that you can keep the intervals in the picker and enter the yourself as well.

If the picker is in focus, then the keyboard can be used to navigate through the available times. If the Editable is enabled, then typing a valid time will also result in the selected time to be set. At this moment no event is triggered when the time get's selected through typing, but this will be addressed in the next update.
Thanks for your response.

Yes, I did set editable to True.  I can type the time in, but SelectedTime is not updated to reflect what has been typed.  Is there another way to get what is displayed ?
The event trigger in the next version will help, as I do need a change event to trigger when a value is typed in.  At the moment I have reverted to using TTimeEdit.

Are you using FNC UI Pack I can retrieve the selected time based on what has been typed, by doing the following:

procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Memo1.Lines.Add('Selected time: ' + TimeToStr(TMSFNCDigitalTimePicker1.SelectedTime));

As I have mentioned, the OnTimeSelected event is not triggered at the moment when the SelectedTime is updated, but it will be fixed in the next update which is planned next week.
On checking I find I have from December 18.

I will wait for the next update and try again.

Thank you for your responses.