FNC Planner Timeline Appearance

I have another question. I just tried out the linkage between Items. Does not exactly do what I wanted. I would like to have all linked Items of a selected Item to be selected, but not onlsy forwards, but also backwards. For example I chain link 5 Items and select the first 1 then all 5 Items apear selected, but when I select the 3rd one, only Item 3, 4 and 5 are selected. Is there any property I can set, that Item 1 and 2 are selected too, or do I have to do it in the OnAfterSelectItem event manually?

Second thing I would like to have is, that the lines between linked items are only shown, when they are selected. At the moment I can set ShowLinks in the Itemapearencse to true. But then the lines are always shown. I could do it by setting ShowLinks in the OnAfterSelectItem too, but if there is an easier way, I would like to know, before I do it the more complicated way.


To turn off selection, you have the property AutoSelectLinkedItems property at Interaction. You can turn that off, and then manually select all linked items. The same applies to the ShowLinks property. Both can be turned off and then handled manually in the OnAfterSelectItem

Thank you. OnAfterSelectItem worked great for me.

Dear Helmut,

I just found your post here because I have the same problem with getting the timeline as a header more valuable. In my case I want to group information like days and weeks but the problem is similar to yours.

May I ask you how exactly you solved your problem? Do you maybe have some code how you implemented OnBeforeDrawTime and OnAfterDrawTime?

Hoping for your support.