FNC Ui pack installation error

try to install FNC packs .
download all FNC packs
Install FNC core , but then start getting error for UI and other controls! Says
Incopitable FNC core ( found, dowb load version first !!
Pleaswe advise how to resolved this !

When you update TMS FNC Core, you also need to download and reinstall all related FNC products. It seems you are using a new TMS FNC Core download, but older downloads for the other products.

Download all FNC packs

and getting this error

dashboard, UI and MAP - gives this error !

Please double check if the setup that is running also matches the latest version.

TMS FNC Maps latest version is v3.6.1.2, does this also show in the installer? If not, then most likely there is an issue downloading or running the latest installer, to workaround this, you might need to clear the product download cache of the subscription manager, which can be found here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\