FNC GRID OnCellEditValidateData


I noticed that OnCellEditValidateData is triggered even on mouse up. To give you an idea on the app that we were working, a user can edit the cell. When user entered an invalid data , we prompt a message to user ,then we set the allow boolean to false. Since the event is triggered even on mouse up, when a user entered an invalid data, the prompt keeps on popping up.

On our previous apps we use advstringgrid. When we set the valid := false , it returns the cellstring to the original cellstring before the edit > highlights the text, and return it to editing mode.

Is there a way we can copy the behavior of AdvStringgrid to FNC Grid?

Thank you.

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

We have investigated this here and this will take significant amount of time to implement. Right now, this is not possible. We'll further investigate this here as soon as time permits.