Date edit with keyboard


I'm trying to edit the date with the keyboard.
I use TTMSFNCDatePicker.
I set the Editable property to True.
If the control receives focus, the text that represents the date can not be changet with keyboard.
For this I need to click with the mouse and the text becomes editable.
But after I click, the text is not selected and I have to delete each character before I can write.
I also need to know the correct date separator.
Is there an easier and better way to edit a calendar date with the keyboard?

Best regards,
Tiberiu Stoicescu


Have you tried pressing the tab key again after the control receives focus? When it gets into focus first, it's just the control itself - you can use the arrow/return/home/end buttons to navigate through the dates. If you press tab when the control is in focus then the editable fields gets the focus and you can edit the date manually.

Could you, without the use of mouse, enter the date and time.
The same problems with lazarus and linux.

On Linux the control does not get focus if it's not in Editable mode. If it's in Editable, the editable field receives the focus though. We will investigate this Linux issue.

When I press the tab and TTMSFNCDatePicker receive focus, indeed I can change the date with arrow key increment or decrement.
But I press the TAB again focus jump to the next control.

I use TTMSFNCDatePicker with default property, just Editable is changed to True.

Is need to I set another property to receive focus internal edit control?

No, normally you don't need to set anything.
Does this concern FMX, VCL, WEB or LCL? Which IDE (+ version) do you use?

FNC UI PACK v3.2.2.2 (January 18, 2021)
Delphi 10.4 Update 1

I just create an Multi-dvevice app
I put 3 controls: tEdit, TTMSFNCDatePicker, tEdit.
I set Editable to true for TTMSFNCDatePicker.

Thank you, we were able to reproduce the issue. We will investigate it.