FNC Core Installation

I have a number of FNC components, each of which has their own Core components with different versions. Is each Core component specific to the associated FNC component (which I have always assumed) or is the latest Core component compatible with all FNC components?


When installing TMS FNC Core update, you will always have to install a TMS FNC Maps (or other dependent products) update. We have strictly tied the version numbering to TMS FNC Core. The other way around (although not happening very often), is that there could be a TMS FNC Maps update, without a requirement to update TMS FNC Core.

Thanks Pieter. The additional wording that I now see in the Product Downloads account section clarifies the issue too:

'TMS FNC Core (required base library for FNC)'

We know that the strict requirement is not ideal, but this way we ensure that everything will remain compatible. We are still cracking our heads on a better and more flexible way of installing component updates in the future.