I am using your FMX components. Should I switch to FNC? What are the benefits/drawbacks in doing so?

Thanks, Ken

Our FMX components target the FireMonkey (FMX) framework only.

Our FNC components target VCL, FMX, LCL frameworks, so can be simultaneously used on all these frameworks. 
A benefit of FNC is that you can reuse these controls in all these three frameworks and with a single learning curve get the most of the controls and possibly reuse UI level code between VCL, FMX, LCL applications you create.
Our FNC controls use the concept of fully self-rendered controls where most FMX controls are built from an object hierarchy. The advantage  of self-rendered controls is that this is typically faster. The advantage of FMX controls built with an object hierarchy is deep customization capabilities. 
Note that you can use FNC and VCL components together in a VCL project and you can use FNC and FMX controls together in an FMX application.
If you have already an application created with FMX components it will require effort to replace the FMX control with an FNC equivalent. I would only consider this effort if you look for a particular feature in FNC or for a specific performance improvement. But if you continue to develop and extend existing FMX application, you could consider adding FNC controls where applicable or needed.

Thanks Bruno. Sounds like I should probably start using it for new projects then as performance is a major factor. Is there some sort of upgrade pricing deal?


Can you please contact sales via email for a best possible offer based on your purchase history.

Many thanks.