FMX TVrTrayIcon PopUpMenu

Good afternoon to all,

i've a problem with TVrTrayIcon in fmx propject.

In main form i have 1 TVrTrayIcon and 1 TPopUpMenu, in design time there's no way to assign the TPopupMenu to TVrTrayIcon popupmenu property.

If i try to assign it in runtime as VrTrayIcon1.PopUpMenu=PopUpMenu1 i got this error

[dcc32 Error] MainFormFMX.pas(107): E2010 Incompatible types: 'Vcl.Menus.TPopupMenu' and 'FMX.Menus.TPopupMenu'

But, when i select the trayIcon component under fmx this componet is the only one i have under tab TMS IWS 3.

The PopUpMenu is the standard one (Standard palette).

In the uses i have FMX.Menus.

What i miss ??

Thank's for reply



VrTrayIcon is specifically designed for VCL, not FMX

Hi Pieter,

thank's for reply.

It's possible have a trayicon component even for fmx ?

Thank's again



PS: Due the fact that this component works only for vcl, why it is visible even under fmx ?


There are technical issues that prevent us from creating a trayicon for FMX. It is visible because it is a non-visual component, and all non-visual components are actually available under VCL and FMX.

Hi Pierter,

an update ...

The component works even under fmx .... it's only popupmenu problem .... if the menu is so important ...

When active, the selected icon is dispayed as expected in tray area.