Using Own popupmenu with TadvWebBrowser Popup

I would like to use my own popup Menu on a TadvWebBrowser
using such code
webbrowser.PopupMenu := popupMenu1;
But I may missing something, my popumenu doesn't appear at all, I have always the TadvWebBrowser internal popup menu visible instead (that I don't need in my case).
Any tips to get my own Popup Menu instead ?
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Please check this thread:

Thanks Pieter for your reply.
Unfortunately the TadvWebBrowser doesn't have the event OnCustomEvent to catch the one sent in Javascript.
We don't use FNC only TadvWebBrowser in VCL.
Any sample is welcome.
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Apparently, TAdvWebBrowser needs a different approach. Attached is a sample based on TAdvWebBrowser (90.6 KB)