FMX Google Maps (Android) - Something Went Wrong!

Hi there

Using Delphi Rio with Android, Ive had Google Maps working fine.

However, today I getting "Sorry! Something went wrong."  Have Google changed the HTML requirements?

Can you please have a look and confirm?




We are not aware of any issues with TMSFMXWebGMaps on Android at this time.

Can you try to enable the debug console (set ShowDebugConsole to True) to see if any error messages are displayed?
Hi Bart

Im getting a UnauthorizedURLForClientIdMapError Error message.  Currently Im using an APIKey.  Shoudl I change to ClientID?

Got the same problem. Also using Delphi Rio with Android, was working fine until today.

I have a Google Account with billing setup, as we exceeded the 'free' allowance.  I think (from memory) it was 2500 hits per day....

Could it be because I have a paid account?
Thank you for notifying.
The issue has been resolved and an update for TMS FMX WebGMaps is available now.
The problem was caused by a breaking change in the Google Maps JavaScript API.

Its working again.  Thank you