Any plans for flexcel to work with firemonkey?

I just posted a screenshot of FlexCel 5 running in osx/FM in the previous thread :)

As explained there, there will be support for non visual stuff (reading and writing xls/x files) for sure. I am not completely sure if we are going to port the visual/rendering stuff too, it is a little early to know yet.

nice, in the screenshot what component are you using to display the sheets? 
Will you be able to supply the sample code for the demo firemonkey app?


Sorry if the screenshot caused any confusion, I tried to make it clear that what is showing (which isn't much because it isn't visual) is just a FM app with a button that reads, modifies and saves an xlsx file in osx. In the background what we have to show the generated file is just Excel for OSX, we aren't using any component to display the sheets.

We will be supplying some fm demos, yes.