GDrive question

My Windows program is based upon the Cloud Demo program. I can login to GDrive and I can download files that I have uploaded. However when I open Google Drive and create a file, I seem to have a problem. The filename appears in my application, but when I try and download it, an exception is generated in TCloudBase.HttpsGet. The value of the URL looks invalid. It starts with: &access_token=

Is this a fundamental problem or am I doing something wrong?

Any clues much appreciated.



Does the issue occur with any type of file or only with a specific type of file (i.e. image files, text documents, ...)?
Please note that it's currently not supported to download files from Google Drive that are created with Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.
We'll have to investigate if this is supported by the Google Drive API and if the feature can be implemented in a future version of the TMS VCL Cloud Pack.

I can create a file (in my format) and upload it. I can then download this file back into the program.

What I would like to be able to do (as the customer seems to want this) is to create a file in Google Docs, save it and then have my program retrieve it. I'm not too bothered about the format that is downloaded as long as I know what it is and that I can extract the text within the file.



Google Docs documents have their own way of storage. The Google Drive API that is used in TAdvGDrive handles everything as files. As said, we'll need to investigate if the Google Docs documents can be retrieved / uploaded in a format that allows that it can also be dealt with at Windows level.

Well then, exactly what can I do with a file created in google sheets from my program.  I have been struggling to connect to google sheets using the standalonesheetsdemo program.  So far, I have not been able to make it work.  It appears that it's supposed to access a google sheets worksheet and populate a grid from data from that worksheet.  That's exactly what I want my program to do.  However am, as I said, struggling with the connection to the google aps api. 

The answer to the question in line one above will tell me whether or not I should continue with my struggle.

Please note that there is a difference between accessing Google Sheets documents from the Google Drive API and from the Google Docs API.

As mentioned above, it's currently not supported to download Google Sheets documents via the Google Drive API.
However it is possible to retrieve Google Sheets document data via the Google Sheets API with TAdvGSheets.
Can you please explain exactly what is going wrong when you try to connect to the Google Sheets API?
If the problem persists, please enable logging and provide the automatically generated LOG file so I can further investigate this.
Logging can be enabled by setting Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail, the LOG file is placed in your machine's Documents folder.