FM premium style

Hi support,

when using the the from the XE6 premium styles:

the TMSFMXNativeNSToolbar is painted in black.
Any idea why?


Dear Mr. Bauer, 

Can you perhaps send us a sample that demonstrates this?

Kind Regards, 

Hi Pieter,

it's easy to show this.
Place a TMSFMXNativeNSToolbar on an empty FMX HD TForm.
Add a TStyleBook, load one of the premium Styles.
Assign Forrm StyleBook to the new Stylebook.
Run the project.

The Toolbar will be display in black.



We are able to reproduce this here, but we will unfortunately not be able to provide a workaround for this, as the style is applied to the border of the Window but does not take a native Toolbar into account. This technique is applied when the style manager detects a style object for the window border. Other styles which do not have an alternative Window border do not have this issue. This issue can only be fixed on FireMonkey level.

Kind Regards,