flexReport.SetValue() NewLine


I add a string to a report variable wit SetValue(). The string is sometimes very long, so I add a Enviroment.NewLine after 80 chars into the string. But in the report there is only on long line with small question marks in it.
Is there a solution to get line breaks?
thank you

2 things to note:
1)In Excel, a new line is always just a character 10 (#10), not Environment.NewLine which is be #13#10 in windows, or #10 in unix, #13 in old macs. So instead of using Environment.NewLine, just add a #10. But maybe you don't need to add anything at all, as text will wrap automatically, see point 2)

2)In order to have the text wrap, you need to set the cell format to "Wrap Text". In the template, right click the cell with the <#value> tag, select "Format Cells", then go to "Alignment" tab and make sure to check "Wrap Text".
That should be it. When wrap text is off, Excel will show the line always in one line, even if there are #10 in the text. When you press Alt-Enter in Excel to enter a new line, what happens under the hood is that Excel enters a #10 in the cell, and sets the format to wrap text.

Hi Adrian,

thanks for your answer, point 2 did the job.