<#Column Width()> query

Hi Adrian

I have a report template with a <#Column Width(Autofit;110)> tag in several of the columns.

Most of them are working ok, but in one of the columns I have multiline strings, with the lines separated by CR/LF pairs. On this column, the autofit seems to be using the width of the total length of all the lines, rather than the max of the individual line widths

For example, if a cell contains


the width of the column is set to the width of ABCDEFGHIJK rather than DEFGH.

Is there a setting that I can use to overcome this?

Kind Regards
Steve collins


Sorry, that is indeed a known issue. It has been fixed already internally some time ago (see https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=13546&title=autofitcol-with-wrapped-text which while for the "twin" FlexCel.NET, also applies here)

We are just 2 bugs away of releasing FlexCel 7, so it is a thing of days now. Once released, it will include the fix for this bug.