FlexCelPrintDocument Progress Dialog


is it possible to suppress the Progress Dialog (Printing page 1 of....) that pops up when printing a report? We are using FlexCel 6.2.1 and the FlexCelPrintDocument class.

Thanks in advance


PrintDocument doesn't have any progress dialog, it is a completely non visual form. The demo "Custom preview" shows a dialog "printin page 1 of..." but it does it by running the printing on a thread and updating the GUI. 

Using just FlexCelPrintDocument.Print should not show any dialog: it is designed to be used on servers and asp.net apps, where a dialog would make no sense. Can you verify that the dialog is not part of your application?

It appeared that the dialog comes from the printer itsself, so this behavior is not FlexCel related. Sorry for creating this thread.