Flexcel To Sql Table

Hello Flexcel developers, in my projects I'm using the library making excel-flexcel interact heavily with sql server.

For me, this is the solution to the ever complained problem of the weakness of excel when dealing with many rows/cells (millions of cells, I mean) and the problem with vlookup on large datasets.

Well, my method is simple: whit the code I go back and forth from sql server to flexcel (in memory) or excel xlsx files (on file system of the server).

We just have in production servers of one client this system. But it relies on file system. Each time a flexcel procedure ends, the file is saved on file system on the server. Therefore it is uploaded from the file system server to sql server.

So, to avoid the file system, today I have made a procedure to transfer the content of flexcel to a datatable and from the datatable to sql server.

My question is: maybe you know a better way to do this? Maybe could it be a feature of flexcel, I mean someting like InsertfromFlexcelToSqlTable(XlsFile,SqlTable,SqlConn)?