FlexCel Studio install

Hi, I'm trying to install flexcel using smart setup but keep getting the following message:

"Error: There is another version of "TMS FlexCel Studio for VCL and FMX" installed in this machine. Please uninstall that version first and then re-run tms build.".

However I can't find where this installed version is, any pointers will be much appreciated.



This means that you have also installed FlexCel with setup.exe, and smarsetup is warning you so you don't end up with 2 parallel installs.

You should be able to find the FlexCel installed with setup.exe at Start Menu->Add or remove programs. Search for "FlexCel" in the list of installed apps.

If you can't find it there, then it might be some failed uninstall, and if you are sure there is no other version still installed, you can edit the registry and remove the registry entry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\tmssoftware\TMS FlexCel Studio for VCL" which is the key smart setup uses to check if another version is installed. But as said, the best if possible is just to uninstall that version if it is there.

Hi, there was an entry in the registry as you suggested, we are all up and running now. Many thanks for your prompt help.