Flexcel Comments


A couple of questions regarding comments in excel. I am using Flexcel 7.16 (for C#)

I have been looking through the guides ... trying to figure out how I can determine those comments that have been resolved vs those that have not.

I am also wondering how to get the actual comment ... when I use the GetComment method, I get the following:
[Threaded comment]

Your version of Excel allows you to read this threaded comment; however, any edits to it will get removed if the file is opened in a newer version of Excel. Learn more: Bing

Whatever is the contents of the comment will appear here

Is there some way to get just the comment that was entered?

Trevor Keegan


Doing some hunting ... I think i may understand the answer to both questions

According to this article
The difference between threaded comments and notes - Microsoft Support
Microsoft has changed the concept of comments, and renamed it as Notes

I am using office 365, and I have noticed that there is both comments and notes, however it is not possible to add in a new note ... it looks as though all existing notes would have the option to be converted to the threaded notes.

Hopefully flexcel will be updating to cater for this in the future

Trevor Keegan

Hi Trevor,
Indeed, names are a mess. What used to be comments are now "notes" and the new threaded comments are now "comments". As we don't want to change the names in the API, our API will keep referring to notes as "comments" and comments as "threadedcomments" (which is btw what Excel itself uses in the xlsx names, they didn't rename them there).

We currently have some very partial support for threaded comments, but it is not fully implemented yet. We are working on it, and should arrive in a newer release.