FixInsightCL modifies Defines

In one of our third party libraries there is a construct of the type

procedure DoSomething;
This file does not support 16 - bit programs.

This causes a hard compiler error when WIN32 is not defined. For FixInsight this is a fatal parser error. So far so good.

On the FI Command line the parameter is passed as "Win32" not "WIN32". It has to be this way, because otherwise the platform build target fails for the rest of the build script. With FixInsightCL 2016.09 this was not a problem. FixInsightCL 2017.11 fails with a fatal parser error with "Win32", it passes successfully with "WIN32".
So I guess that the 2017.11 version does something to the defines that are passed to it on the command line.

So it seems like in 2017.11 defines are case-sensitive? This shouldn't happen, of course. I'll doublecheck.

FYI: It's not a recent bug.
FixInsight 2017.04upd1also throws the same "Fatal Parser exception" depending on the captialization of Win32/WIN32