FixInsight support for D12 Athens

Delphi 12 Athens is out. And FixInsight would need support form that. At least I can see problem with multiline strings syntax.

Also lot of known issues (Some reported in here, others by Email also) as still unresolved.

There has been very long time since last release. I am starting to think FixInsight is abandonware, sad, because FixInsight has been one of the best and most promising tools for Delphi.



I can only agree with that. It really looks as if Fixinsight is being abandoned. A great pity, but the lack of updates for the last 2 years leaves no other conclusion.

If there are to be updates again, I would argue that TMS should give all active users at least 1 year of additional updates.

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I, too, would love to see this fine utility brought up to date. It fills a real need and I rely on it a lot. IIRC, TMS bought it from the original author and I'm guessing the author has simply lost interest in it over time. Retired from programming perhaps?

It's already downloadable for D12. I haven't run it yet.

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Really sad to see such a low number of new "features" in the 2023.12 version. The previous version is more than 2 years old. Compare this to Pascal Expert. Not that it needs all of its features, but surely one can expect more than the limited new features in the latest FixInsight version. Just sad. Especially because TMS itself most likely would benefit from it coding all the components and libraries. I just don't get. Such a waste...

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