FixInsight: partial regression with the new Analysis results window

First of all, thanks for releasing v2023.12 with Delphi 12 support!

Using the new version on Delphi 11.3 still, I realized a regression to the usability of the IDE integration. While all these new filter and sorting options are a very nice to have feature, there is no longer the possibility to copy-paste or save the whole list of analysis results by any means (except for making a screenshot).

Previously, as that results list was a more generic tab of the IDE's Messages dialog, one could use the native copy-paste functionality available there.

With the new separate Window a possibility for doing this is completely gone.

I know there is the command-line utility and output redirection to a file, but come on, that's not the point.

You improved the UI integration but also brought that mentioned regression with it.
Can you provide a way to copy this list to clipboard or save it to a file? I guess both is a good idea, but my only request is a solution other than a screenshot.

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IMHO, here is another good reason why one would need such copy-paste/save functionality:
I just ran the latest version of FixInsight on a project of choice, got the results list and double-clicked on one of the entries to be navigated to the according point in source code.

Unexpectedly the IDE had some exception on doing that and partially crashed entirely taking down the Fixinsight analysis Results window (and of course the whole results list with it) as well as the control on the IDE (I had to kill and restart the bds.exe).

My point is that there is no way to save the results list of something that may take a long time to compute (think of non-trivial or larger projects) and such unexpected exception may re-happen anytime not expected.

By now I noticed that I missed the somewhat hidden fallback option in the About dialog, that allows to have the old Messages dialog integration. I hope this is not the reason this post has no more votes or obvious reactions.

AFAIK this was only ever mentioned in the Changelog, where I successfully made an oversight in the beginning.

Nevertheless my original post holds true, the new dialog Window is no pure improvement or feature enhancement. Besides the flaw I listed with it has even more downsides I try to list briefly here:

  • weird behavior in multi-monitor setups

  • too simple to close accidentally (meaning to rerun the previously executed FixInsight, which may take long depending on project)

  • related to my original post and the prior point, there is no buffering of the last executions result list anywhere (this would be an alternative to a save to file/copy to clipboard function)