File size limitation for uploading to Dropbox?

My Delphi project is attempting to upload a 300MB file to a Dropbox account. It shows 165,000 or so bytes transferred in the progress window and then reports that the file was successfully uploaded. It was not uploaded.

Is there an upper limit to the file size for uploads?


Unfortunately the default upload endpoint for the DropBox API is limited to a maximum filesize of 150MB.
We'll have to investigate if support to upload files larger than 150MB can be added in the future.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Is the 150MB limit a Dropbox thing or is it a TMS thing?

The DropBox API provides 2 methods for uploading.

  1. Simple upload (file size limited to 150 MB)
  2. Resumable upload (upload of files larger than 150MB allowed)

Unfortunately only method 1 is currently supported in TMS FMX Cloud Pack.
We'll have to investigate if method 2, which introduces a number of extra complexities, can be supported in the future.

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My users are bumping up against the 150MB limit so method 2 would be quite welcome.

Currently the library seems to report a few bytes moving and then quits, leaving the user thinking that the upload to Dropbox was successful and super fast.

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I understand that the 150 MB file limitation can be problematic.
We'll investigate to add support for larger file uploads in the future.