Extend TMS Subscription Manager to use i.e. $(TMS) for all paths

As we're using different componentsets from TMS we're organizing them into folders like d:\TMS\VCL or D:\TMS\FMX and so on. Everytime we update the components we have to be careful that the install-paths are used as in previous installation. This normaly works but in case of uninstalling and reinstalling it happend that it used another very long default path ... and with a lot of installed components the Library-path will get too big / long. At the moment we're helping us as follows:

  1. create a ENV-Variable TMSVCL = D;\TMS\VCL
  2. replace all tms vcl paths with $(TMSVCL)

so the library and search paths will be a lot shorter.

Thanks for some updates in TMS Subscription Manager ... i.e. default path for installation etc.

That's a thumbs up from me!

Also be good to be able to select a batch of libraries in the subscription manager and then have them installed with just one permission and step through.

Having standard paths under $(TMS) would be fine.

Something that may help you would be to use symbolic links for the libraries. I dont use them for this purpose but we have issues with different versions of XE while transitioning up to newer versions and we use symbolic links to solve that problem. Maybe they could help for your problem too.

check the windows mklink command using the /D option.