Library Paths


I am having issues with the size of library paths. Having all access means I have a lot of components installed. This is making the path size too large.

Would you consider moving to using environment variables?
so instead if using 

C:\Users\XXX\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Diagram Studio\packages\dtokyo\Win32\Release

This would change to

$(TMS)\TMS Diagram Studio\packages\dtokyo\Win32\Release

$(TMS) is an environment variable pointing to C:\Users\XXX\Documents\tmssoftware

I have done this manually, but would rather not have to redo this after every install/update.


Dave Craggs

The problem here is that we have many products and for each product we leave the freedom to the user to install it where the user wants.

This means that using $(TMS) for a specific folder is not necessarily a unique folder name for every TMS product. This complicates as such a proposal like this unfortunately.