Use Environment Variable to Shorten Path Usage


I would like to recommend that TMS starts making use of an System Environment Variable to shorten the used space in the system PATH.

Currently if you use various components, for exach component the following is added to the path variable:
F:\Documents and Settings\Marius\My Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Diagram Studio\bpl<br>F:\Documents and Settings\Marius\My Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Workflow Studio\bpl<br>etc

This then causes issues when installing other components, as the PATH can only be a certain length.

I do not know if this will help, but possibly making use of a system variable like below will reduce the size it currently takes up.

Variable TMS = F:\Documents and Settings\Marius\My Documents\tmssoftware

Then when the installer/s adds the to the PATH it may use something like the following:

%TMS%\TMS Diagram Studio\bpl<br>
%TMS%\TMS Workflow Studio\bpl<br>

which is significantly shorter than the current standard.

Sure I know we can change it ourselves, but after every update we will have to adjust it again.


It's already on the feature request list for consideration,
although it is non trivial to force in all cases that any of our products are installed under the same folder

\Documents and Settings\Marius\My Documents\tmssoftware
We know from experience that several users have other choices where to install the software.

Perfect, thank you for considering Bruno.


What's the rationale behind placing the bpl's and alike in non-standard places when IDE already has such a path already defined ?

Fixed path for deployment, as we control it and thus also easier & safer cleanup.