Export to RTF

Hi All,

Is it possible to save the Diagram Studio files as RTF?

Any ideas?

Kind Regards,
Marco Eberhardt.

Unfortunately not, it can only export to BMP for now.

Ok! Please let me know if this will be implemented!

Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure it will. Diagram works mostly with objects, so it's very likely that an SVG export can come in future, but there is no plan for RTF so far.

Hi Marco

Perhaps you can find a virtual printer driver that outputs RTF. Then you can print the diagram to this printer.
I know that virtual printers exist for EMF and SVG.
I thought RTF is mainly a text format, not a graphic format?

Kind regards


RTF is a text format, yes, that's another reason why Diagram won't have an exporter for that - it doesn't make much sense imho. You could just export the diagram into a graphic format like bmp, them just embed it into the RTF file.